All life is a relationship.  From our very first moments and onward, what happens in relationship teaches us about how to be in the world. We continually form certain core beliefs, ways of thinking, perceptions, patterns of tension in our body, and ways of moving our body that can be both healthy and limiting. Trauma, abuse, neglect, and other wounding contribute to how we form our relationship with the world and with ourselves. All of our past experiences have an impact on our present experience. Since many of us have not had the space or resources to give attention to ourselves, these experiences can lead to a day to day life full of a sense of meaninglessness, emotional and physical pain, chronic anxiety, mistrust, or general unease.

The therapeutic relationship can be a source of deep healing and growth. I offer somatic and relational depth psychotherapy to adults, elders, couples, and children. Together we learn to bring awareness to present moment experience so that you can walk on your own unique path toward healing and wholeness. We kindly and compassionately turn toward the parts of you that have long been buried and yet still seek expression. We also celebrate your gifts and learn to cultivate joy. There is a place of deep inner wisdom in each one of us, and together we find that in you. Above all, we learn to cultivate gentleness, kindness, and firmness in our ultimate relationship -- the one we have with ourselves.



// Jennifer Smee, LMFT #89582 //